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Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Maynard in A Perfect Circle guise

Only one week to go and I’ll be in the photo pit at the Gold Coast Big Day Out directly in front of Tool! Tool sit alongside Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Floyd and Zeppelin as one of my all time favourite bands and so I’m pretty amped about shooting them. Back in the day everything about their first full length album Undertow blew my 15 year old mind. The videos, artwork and music were all exceptional. Their latest album, 10000 Days pretty much stayed in my CD player all of last year.

I’m sure there will be some crazy restriction on photographers but fingers crossed I get the opportunity for at least one good capture. Maynard’s current mo-hawked cowboy persona looks like it will definitely be a heap of fun to shoot. In any case I’m seeing (and hopefully shooting) Tool at not only the Gold Coast Big Day Out but also the Sydney Big Day Out and both the Sydney and Melbourne sideshows.

It actually looks like a great year for tours – Slayer, Mastodon, The Pixies, Mars Volta, Isis – the list goes on and on. And here I was hoping to take it a bit easier in ’07 :)

Blood and Thunder

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

I was watching rage last night and couldn’t believe the amount of mediocre, middle of the road, indie rubbish that is around at the moment. Female vocalists that all sound the same – singing about nothing in particular in that high pitch cutesy fashion. It’s so inoffensive it’s offensive – how the hell did I get stuck in an elevator in my own living room?

In order to cleanse myself I switched off the tv and pressed play on the CD player (how old skool am I?), sat back and listened to two of my favourite albums of the last few weeks – Amputechture by The Mars Volta and Blood Mountain by Mastodon. Both albums could be described as progressive (which I know is still a dirty word – although even Pitchfork is beginning to see the light) however both offer completely different listening experiences.


On Amputechture Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s guitar work really reminds me of Jimmy Page in a ‘tight but loose’ sense however the soundscapes created owe more to Pink Floyd (Animals era), Santana (Woodstock era) and even Robert Wyatt (check out Rock Bottom – one of my all time favourite albums). Despite these influences The Mars Volta are one of the few current bands that have genuinely forged a signature sound – you can immediately tell that Amputechture is a Mars Volta record.

Omar at BDO 2004

Mastodon are quickly gaining a reputation as the new saviours of metal. Their previous release Leviathan, a concept album based loosely on Moby Dick, was my favourite album last year. Such was the quality of that release that I approached Blood Mountain with some trepidation. I needn’t have worried – the album is brutal – within the first 10 seconds of listening I was grinning ear to ear. The musicianship is top-notch – the only real downer is that the lyrics can get a little too dungeons and dragons for my liking. I’d definitely recommend the album – they put on a great live show as well – so hopefully they make it to Australia soon.

Mastodon at Ozzfest 2005

Well that’s my recommendations for this week – you’ll have to excuse me now – I just discovered the Blood and Thunder tab on the Mastodon website. Time for guitar practise!

My Week in Black and White

Friday, October 6th, 2006

Last Saturday night I took photos of The Drones at the Gaelic Club – they were great. Here’s a nice pic of the drummer Mike Noga. More photos of the gig can be found on triple j and flickr.

Mike Noga - the Drones

Sunday was Parklife. I only stayed a few hours because I wanted to watch the Rugby League Grand Final.

Midnight Juggernauts

Andy of the Midnight Juggernauts playing at Parklife. See a few more pics of bands and even more of the smashed punters here.

Monday night I took photos at a dinner for retired English football star Alan Shearer. Alan – as they say in the business – is a genuinely nice person. I don’t envy him though as it seems his entire days are now spent signing autographs and posing for photos.

As part of this job I coded a new flash gallery application as a way to easily distribute the photos taken on the night to the guests. It might be worth a look if you’re into that sort of thing (spot Les Murray!)

Alan Shearer

On a side note, each of the guests at the dinner received a copy of the new book “One Love” by photographer Levon Biss. It has many amazing football related photos taken across 6 continents. It’s also interspersed with some great football quotes from both literary luminaries and soccer legends including Albert Camus, Anthony Burgess, George Best and Pele. I think many Australians would agree with Pele’s statement that “A penalty is a cowardly way to score” after our controversial exit from this year’s World Cup!

And finally I also took photos of the Foo Fighters gig at the Sydney Opera house. Unfortunately because of those silly photo contracts I can’t post a pic here (go to triple j to see them) so instead here’s a pic I took on their last visit.

Dave Grohl with Led Zeppelin II

Latest Photos/Magazines

Thursday, September 28th, 2006


Wow – I’m so slack at updating this thing. Since my last post I’ve been pretty busy and shot Spearhead (Great Gig!), The Dresden Dolls at the Victoria Room for JTV, Joan as Police Woman, Placebo and the Howling Bells so if you’re interested in checking out shots from those concerts check out my Flickr page and/or the triple j galleries. Gigs I’m shooting in the next week include the Drones, Parklife and the Foo Fighters so I should have some new photos on these pages soon.

There’s also a few magazines out now with my pics in it including:

This is a travel magazine made by the guys responsible for the always excellent Monster Children. I haven’t actually tracked a copy down yet – but it has a few of my shots from New York. It makes a nice change seeing stuff other than my Rock and Roll stuff being published.

Sonic Youth - New York

J Mag
Nothing really exciting in the latest issue – a double spread of Missy Higgins playing at the Unearthed launch is my main contribution. It isn’t my favourite pic from the night but I can understand why they used it as it has the Unearthed banner behind her. I actually gave that pic to triple j marketing for that reason so it’s shown up heaps of places. Of course when the Daily Telegraph used it they cut the banner out – so you can’t win!

RollingStone Australia
This month’s RollingStone has a story on N’Fa and includes a photo of him playing at Splendour. I was the only photographer at his set (unless someone did a sneaky and took some shots later) as everyone was waiting for The Vines to make their “surprise” return on the other stage. Not my best work (as I only stayed for about one song then rushed to the main stage in time for The Vines) but I guess it shows that you never know what pics are going to be needed…


Big Life Out
This is an independent publication out of Adelaide. They used one of my Hot Lies photos from this year’s Come Together as the main pic on their front cover. Looks good!

Ok enough with the self promotion…

Dresden Dolls/Sleepy Jackson

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Dresden Dolls

I haven’t shot anything for weeks and of course the two bands I’ve been looking forward to see had to be on the same night. Luckily both bands didn’t enforce the “3 songs” rule so I was able to shoot about half of each set. Plenty of make-up and botantical stage props at both gigs!

The Sleepy Jackson

I really enjoyed the Sleepy Jackson – they can be a bit hit or miss but the current line-up have really gelled. There were some great extended jams and I could definitely hear a Syd Barrett influence which gets the thumbs up from me.

The Sleepy Jackson

There’s a few more photos over at flickr and I’ll have the triple j galleries up sometime Monday.

Bernard Fanning Tour Poster

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

bernard fanning tour poster

The poster for Bernard Fanning’s upcoming Australian tour features a photo I took at his Live at the Wireless performance late last year. The quality of the photo wasn’t the greatest (I blame dark ABC studios!) but it’s a pretty cool poster.

The end.

update 27.08: Has anyone seen this street poster anywhere in the city? I saw a few half torn down from the car window coming back from the football today and wouldn’t mind getting a photo of one out in the wild. They’re bloody huge!

update 06.09: Well no thanks to any of you – I (well actually my lovely assistant Kate) found a poster in East Sydney. If anyone cares check out a photo and map of the location on flickr. Oh I also saw a guy selling the poster ripped from a Melbourne Street mag on ebay – so the poster must be in high demand ;)

Bernard Live at the Wireless

Jet – Born Again

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

nic chester performs at the Enmore Theatre 17.08.06

Jet are back for their first shows in Australia since Homebake in 2004 – playing tonight to a sell-out crowd at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney.

The first time I photographed Jet was the Big Day Out in 2004. I knew that they were going to be Number 1 in the Hottest 100, so took an obscene amount of photos in the hope that one would be ok for the triple j front page. (well I thought it was obscene at the time – I just checked and actually only took around 25 images – the joy of having only a 256MB card!) The band played in the early afternoon on a smaller side-stage but drew a massive crowd. Despite the hype I remember feeling slightly underwhelmed with the show. Two years of touring however has allowed them to hone their craft. Tonight they commanded the stage like a real rock and roll band – well for the first three songs anyway!

update 18.08: Check out the gallery from last night’s concert on triple j.
jet at the big day out 2004
Jet perform at the Big Day Out in Sydney in 2004.

The Aftermath (More exhibition photos)

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Well it’s all over. Thanks to everyone who turned up. I’ll write a more thorough report in the coming days but here’s a few more photos of the gallery space. I’m sure some more pics will show up on Now it’s time to get some sleep…

nic, matt and dan
ohh spooky we’re ghosts. (l-r Nic, Me, Dan)



dan again

more dan.

3 Songs. No Flash.

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

3 flash.

Since it’s less than 2 days away – I should really plug the rock and roll photography exhibition I’m involved in. It’s called 3 songs. no flash. (named after the rules of the rock and roll photo pit) and showcases the work of Daniel Boud, Nic Bezzina and yours truly. Both Dan and Nic’s work is amazing – so it’s definitely worth checking out at least two thirds of the exhibit!

We’ve got some good press for the show – there’s been a feature article in this week’s brag and some of you may have been (un)lucky to hear me interviewed by the lovely Anna Burns on fbi last Sunday.

3 songs. no flash. opens this friday night, 7.30pm at China Heights Gallery and continues Saturday and Sunday 12pm-5pm. Come and say hello (or alternatively you can punch me in the face for never responding to your emails asking for work experience).

Missy Higgins – triple j Unearthed Launch

Thursday, August 10th, 2006
missy higgins

Missy Higgins played tonight at the relaunch of triple j Unearthed at the Kirk in Surry Hills in Sydney. The venue was quite unusual, being an old church complete with spectacular stained glass windows. The lighting was very atmospheric and great for shooting (unlike both The Strokes and Artic Monkeys gigs of the past week!)

Anyway you should also check out the unearthed site – it’s pretty nifty. I worked on the flash jukebox player – so go find some bugs…

Finally here’s a tip for those with compact digital cameras – turn off the fake shutter sound. The sound of electronic shutters was picked up by the recording mics at the concert – so there might be some unusual percussive accompaniment to Missy’s performance when it’s played on the radio!

addition 11.08 Check out more of my photos from the night at triple j.