Flickr, flickr, flickr blam. Pow, pow.

So I’ve finally joined the web 2.0 revolution and got myself a flickr account.

After spending a few days checking out the features I’m pretty impressed. The use of tagging to build communities is realised brilliantly – it’s not only a great way to find specific images but it also allows you to explore unexpected paths. The new geo-tagging mode is also quite fun. Unfortunately street maps for Australia haven’t yet been introduced however the satellite view does go to street level which allows some degree of accuracy when tagging images.

I still don’t really know how I’ll use my flickr account – I’ll start by putting up a bit of the non-rock photography rotting on my hard-drive (so yes look forward to heaps of sunset, cat and flower shots). Anyway add me to your contact list – I’m a bit lonely at the moment!

Look forward to my next thrilling blog post – Matt gets a myspace account (shudder).

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  1. Mother Says:

    there’s no way your going on myspace – is there??

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