Maynard in A Perfect Circle guise

Only one week to go and I’ll be in the photo pit at the Gold Coast Big Day Out directly in front of Tool! Tool sit alongside Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Floyd and Zeppelin as one of my all time favourite bands and so I’m pretty amped about shooting them. Back in the day everything about their first full length album Undertow blew my 15 year old mind. The videos, artwork and music were all exceptional. Their latest album, 10000 Days pretty much stayed in my CD player all of last year.

I’m sure there will be some crazy restriction on photographers but fingers crossed I get the opportunity for at least one good capture. Maynard’s current mo-hawked cowboy persona looks like it will definitely be a heap of fun to shoot. In any case I’m seeing (and hopefully shooting) Tool at not only the Gold Coast Big Day Out but also the Sydney Big Day Out and both the Sydney and Melbourne sideshows.

It actually looks like a great year for tours – Slayer, Mastodon, The Pixies, Mars Volta, Isis – the list goes on and on. And here I was hoping to take it a bit easier in ’07 :)

3 Responses to “TOOOOOOL”

  1. Jess Says:

    Best of luck matty, it’d be the icing on the cake of your (now quite sizable) portfolio to have some decent maynard/tool shots in there.

  2. Matt Says:

    Officially very jealous! hah..

  3. Stephen Says:

    Man, you’ve got a good job! Looking forward to seeing the results :-)

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